my list of recipes


  1. brazilian cheese bread
  2. lemon-parsley asparagus
  3. parmesan broccoli
  4. parmesan-garlic knots


  1. pepperoni pesto popovers
  2. chicken parmigiana
  3. potatoes a la boulangere
  4. taco soup
  5. potato beef casserole
  6. penne with 5 cheeses
  7. taco casserole


  1. lemon blueberry bundt cake
  2. very berry pie
  3. marshmallow fondant
  4. blood orange sorbetto


  1. watermelon limeade
  2. blackberry lemonade
  3. raspberry lemonade punch

so i will (hopefully) be making all of these between now and mid-september. i’ll post each one with the recipe and pictures.

have a beautiful sunday and father’s day.

with love, alyssa


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