meet: mister man

this is mister thomas davidson

nicknames: capital t, tom, tombo, babe, mister

age: 20 (nearly 21)… he’s holding his breath

height: 6’10″… yes, i know that is crazy tall and no, he cannot fit through most doors

current location: ann arbor, michigan… 😦 nuff said

major: bioengineering with a bioinformatics minor… no i still do not fully understand this haha

description in 5 words…

in my words: stubborn, kind, brilliant, ambitious, & awesome

in his: tall, confident, smart, caring,  & ambitious

so basically, i am completely in love with this incredible person that i have been bragging about. he is my rock through all of the stress i put myself under. he is one of my best friends. he is loving and caring and sweet and adorable and i would probably be a wreck without him to ground me.

thank you for all of your love and faith babe. cannot wait for you to come back to me.    with love, alyssa


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