happy july to all!

apologies friends for ignoring my blog this week. it has been a very busy one, with my first organic chemistry midterm today. it went well i think… also, its july! what happened to june?? it seems to have vanished before my eyes.

anyways, in light of my shift today i decided to do a little special feature on the place i am volunteering:

basically, the seymour center is the public face of the long marine lab, which performs research in a variety of marine sciences. it is a small aquarium with pods full of dry exhibits displaying the research done across the way at the laboratories, wet aquaria exhibits full of fish, sharks, crab, octopus and more, and interactive touch tables where you can handle and feel swell sharks, sea stars and anemones, and even hermit crabs and sea cucumbers!! basically its awesome.

i volunteer as an exhibit guide and get to wear this lovely uniform…

unfortunately, you are deprived of my lovely khaki pants haha.

but in all seriousness i love this place. its beautiful and calming and filled with amazing staff and volunteers.

the moral of the story is that if you are in santa cruz you should come and check it out… free for ucsc undergrads, woot!

so, this is the beautiful place i work. come visit us!!


(located on the beautiful cliffs near natural bridges state beach!)




(this is ms. blue, our 87 foot blue whale skeleton!)



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