hello again friends

at long last i am home again! hip, hip hooray!

our family vacation was a blast.

part 1: cape cod

upon our arrival, we travelled straight to cape cod. it looked just like it does in the movies. charming buildings with faded wooden shingles, the typical cape cod look. even the subway was adorable! we spent the first day out on the boat, fishing for all different kinds of things. the next day we travelled to chatham to do the whole tourist thing. we took a ton of pictures and shopped our little hearts away. again, the town was completely charming and adorable. on our last day there we spent some time on the beach, it was quiet and the water was much warmer than the pacific. we ate A LOT of amazing food: lobster, fresh striped sea bass, teriyaki cheese steak, and fresh fish and chips. it was a great time and if it wasn’t for the brutal winters i could totally picture myself there… maybe a summer house? in my dreams haha.

part 2: rhode island and connecticut

at rhode island we stayed at family’s house and spent most of our time playing in the lake near some of their houses. this part of our trip included kayaking, lake fishing, tubing,  big family dinners, and watching gorgeous thunderstorms.

on saturday august 6th we all drove to connecticut to celebrate my nana’s 100th birthday. it was a seriously historic day. i hadn’t seen my nana (great grandma) in a very long time so i am incredibly thankful to have been able to spend time with her and get to know her. and let me tell you this woman is absolutely AMAZING. at 100 years old she is still living in the house my grandpa grew up in all by herself, she still goes up the stairs unassisted, she still cuts her own meat, drinks her manhattans, and has even taken up wii bowling. all in all i was completely blown away and hope to be as happy and wonderful as she is at 100!

part 3: ann arbor, michigan!

now for the last, and best, leg of my trip: visiting the boy in michigan!! once i finally got there (not an easy task with the faa shutdown and bad weather back east) it was great! although it was only a short 48 hours it was great to be able to spend time with thomas, just hanging out and watching movies and eating good food and walking around the cute little downtown. it was so awesome to be there. i missed him so much!! and still do… only 21 days though 😀

also, i would like to wish this amazing man of mine a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! he is finally 21… congratulations mister man! i love you ❤

so now its back to the swing of things for me. hope everyone is doing good.

ta ta for now friends. with love, alyssa


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