she’s alive!

WOW! it’s been a long while, huh? so sorry for my absence. it was unintentional. promise!

its been an overwhelming few weeks, though this is not the place to discuss the drama of it all.

anywaysssss… i’m back, y’all! and i’m better than ever.

so, summer is over. WHAT?? i’m not sure where it all went. i felt like i had nothing to do for most of it and yet it still flew right on by. greedy jerk! haha just kidding. but in all seriousness, the last 4 months have been full of some of the greatest learning experiences of my life. it was a roller-coaster full of happiness and misery, laughter, sweat, and tears, heartbreak and rebirth of self. as unpleasant as it was at times i learned a valuable lesson: humans are resilient, and i am stronger than i give myself credit for. this is the wonderful wisdom of the beautiful person that is alex rae bowen (bestie/housie/voice of reason). my friends and family are the most amazing people i know, and i am so thankful to have them!

so now i’m embracing myself exactly as i am. i’m making plans big and small. taking life one day at a time, one breath at a time. i’m loving right now! because, really, why the hell not?!

hope all is well. apologies for my rambles on about life, but i only wish to share what i’ve learned. and that is that each of us is beautiful, important, and worthy of love and acceptance. have a beautiful weekend!!

PSSSST, p.s.:

LISTEN!!! it will change your life (okay, maybe not. but it is a great song!)


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