16 before fall wrap up!

sooooo its fall quarter and my time to complete the things on my list is up. so here is an overview of how i did (not well 😦 haha)…

1. get another job – not enough time :/

2. learn to crochet – i will eventually!

3. alterations to my winter-wear – in progress!

4. finish a knitting projectdone

5. picture a day for 30 days challenge – got bored haha

6. make all of the recipes on my list – negative

7. 30 days of lists challenge – i did it woo hoo!

8. quit drinking soda for a month – i didn’t count but i’m pretty sure i did it hehe

9. read a minimum of 5 books 

 a discovery of witches by deborah harkness: highly recommend! grown up version of harry potter meets the vampire fad plus daemons!

 innocents by cathy coote: disturbingly dark and shocking; weirdly reversed lolita; very graphic; don’t read if lolita bothered you!

 love virtually by daniel glattauer: finished in one day; very entertaining; recommend for a chick flick type read

 the stranger by albert camus

 midnight sun (draft) by stephanie meyer

10. pass organic chem – heck yes!!!

11. get a handle on this blogging thing – what do you think? haha. i’m working on it!!

12. make my new bedroom “home” – yes!! pictures soon (once its clean)

13. create a workout plan… and stick to it! – not even close haha

14. dye a strip of hair turquoisedone

15. get a plant. keep it alive – no room for one

16. send thomas ten letters or cards – you betcha 🙂

so i finished half of them… not tooo shabby if i do say so myself haha.

happy october everyone!!

with love, alyssa


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