neglected again…

hello dear friends,

it appears that once again i have allowed life to get in the way of my time spent on my little corner of  cyberspace. life has been, well, hectic to say the least. a lot has happened since i was here last. i suppose i’ll start with the fun stuff:

1. blink-182 concert with my chemical romance and matt&kim… awesome!! had the greatest time. 2. a trip over the hill of course means in-n-out!!! yummmmmmmmm. 3. started watching all kinds of shows that are on for fall including, but not limited to, new girl, how i met your mother, and revenge!

sadly, that is about all of the fun that i’ve been having. on the “not so fun” list is:

1. physics homework. 2. evolution papers and readings. 3. more physics homework. 4. more evolution stuff. 4. even more (and harder) physics homework. and now, 5. physics studying!!

yep thats my life right now. its been exhausting, but it is almost the weekend and that should have at least balanced amounts of fun and work.

hope you all are well and your night looks better than mine ….

haha with lots of love (and hope that things here will return to their regular routine), alyssa


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