fever dog

hello all. i am currently watching almost famous. its one of my favorites and i’m not really sure why. but i can just watch it whenever, honestly!

it may be due to this scene…

anyways, we had girls night last night. man oh man it was fun! my friends truly are a hoot (not sure about the spelling on that one?). we went out to dinner and talked and laughed and made a scene in a very lovely restaurant. you really can’t take us anywhere haha.

heres a few snapshots of the evening:

1. the group                         2. cactus&zucchini squash           3. liv hitting on alex?

4. colleen scratches alee’s back      5. this happened        6. best raspberry lem ever!!

 this is what i wore, though you can’t really see it.  top/urban outfitters : jeans/BDG, uo : shoes/steven madden

annnnnnnd, i don’t know if you can see it above at all but i made a bow with only my hair:

night shots don’t come out that well so apologies for the strange coloring in some of these. the styling of this was actually very very easy! i LOVE that my hair is finally getting longer, i can have so much fun with it now 😀 hmmm maybe a diy post in my future?

happy sunday all!

with love, alyssa


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