yet another list

this one is different guys… this one is a list of THINGS FOR ME & ONLY ME in the next 1-2 years.

i haven’t decided on an actual time frame for this project. or a complete list for that matter… woops! but i have decided that i am going to do it.

here is what i’ve got so far:::

1. get a kitty

2. get an internship

3. hopefully move somewhere new for said internship

4. grow out hair… like REAL long!

5. perm said hair

6. get a tattoo

7. swim naked in the ocean

8. go horseback riding

9. turn this little blog into something

any other ideas for me?? i will gladly take suggestions from all of you lovely people.

but yes, this is my latest revelation on my life. hope your weekends have been wondrous. i am off to a special evening with a lucky lad. perfect way to end a great and relaxing weekend.

with love, alyssa


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  1. Jen Gold

    6! hehe 🙂

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