a case of the mondays…

today is dreary. cold, windy, drizzly, and just down right icky. believe it or not i actually don’t mind this kind of weather, especially in santa cruz, but when you go from this yesterday:

to this today:

it is a difficult adjustment for a poor so-cal girl!! i mean c’mon yesterday was 90 degrees(!!) (and, yes you did read that right)… that’s warmer than it was in my hometown in san diego. something is just a little wonky in the world lately. but maybe now we’ll have regular season-appropriate weather? maybe.

if you read yesterday i was off to watch the sunset with a lovely gentlemen. it was so gorgeous i couldn’t help but take lots of pictures. and i had quite the time playing photographer hehe. here are some of my favorite shots:

(he’ll probably be upset i put these up… oops!)


yes, i’ll gladly go back to that please mother nature. it was perfect weather, good food, and good company. what more can a girl ask for??

with love, alyssa


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