wanna know what i did today? i boiled a fish head. yep, i went and picked up my new little friend (whom i’ve named jacques) from the wholesale fish shop and we began our rather unpleasant adventure.

now don’t go thinking i’m totally weird, at least not for this reason. you see this is my sort of final project for my ichthyology lab. i have to: 1) acquire a fish head, 2) boil said fish head until it is merely bones, 3) bleach the bones, and 4) glue the bones back together to look exactly as they did when they were in the head.

steps 1 and 2 have been accomplished. we shall see how the rest of this goes. it will definitely be interesting.

oh hey there jacques!

sorry dude.


on another note, i switched out my comforter last night. it was a big chocolate brown quilt, but now its this one…

(that would be my dorm room from frosh year)

im hoping the bright colors will continue to cheer me up as we get into the gloomy, foggy days of fall and winter up here in santa cruz. the forecast says rain for tomorrow and it has already started to drizzle… looks like i get to bust out my layers and chunky knits!

hope all is well! check back soon.

with love, alyssa


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