tread water

i am all over the place right now. no joke! my world is complete chaos and i am feeling like i am barely hanging on to the threads.

here is the catch-up since the last time i came around these parts:

1) we had a house full of guests and visitors all weekend long

2) jacques (fish head) is done… pictures to follow

3) sporadic trip to sjc airport and in-n-out… yummmm

4) i want to go thrifting but don’t have the time

5) i register for winter quarter’s classes tomorrow, senior day, early!!

6) i am going to physical sciences academic advising tomorrow to ensure i am on track for spring graduation

7) i have a ton of stuff to do before flying home next wednesday

8) i am exceptionally ready for winter break… but i suppose thanksgiving will have to suffice for now

wowzers, i am very nearly burnt out

happy monday! ha!

with love, alyssa


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One response to “tread water

  1. alyssanwarren

    let’s note that it turned number 8 into a “cool” smiley haha. priceless!

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