things i want to be doing:

– blogging – blog stumbling – christmas list writing – thrifting – coffee shop sitting – sleeping – making lists – planning christmas gifts – knitting – cuddling – baking – movie watching – hot tubbing – dreaming –

things i should be doing:

– paper writing – research&reading- physics studying – cleaning –

we shall see how tonight goes. I am pooped. I had a coffee this morning (huge deal!) and it was my second one within 7 days!!! it was wonderful and pepped me up enough to get through classes. tea just isn’t cuttin’ it anymore… 3 years in to college and i think i may finally give in…

i’m still utterly stressing, but i am breathing and working and soon enough it will be friday at 12:40 (when my midterm is over). then a wonderful weekend of relaxation. well, there will be paper writing and lab notebook finishing, but mostly relaxation! i am determined.

with love, alyssa

^ the first image when googling “paradise”… ahhh yes this is where i wanna be. you can come with me if you want 🙂


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