test 1-2-3

hello hello darlings. it is officially thanksgiving week and my countdown to stuffing has begun. this week is relatively mellow for me on the school front. so thankful for that!

here, friends, is my first official outfit post!

over the weekend alex, liv, and i went over the hill into san jose for a mall trip!

we went to find alex some new jeans, but of course we hit forever 21 and i could not help myself. i only got a few things, but i am in love with all of them!

outfit details: purple felt hat: forever21 (new) // white tee: forever21 (new) // brown “suede” skirt: forever21 (new) // boat shoes: sperry topsider (alex’s) // baby lone hopper necklace: anirtak // rings: random places, sorry!

don’t judge my semi-awkward photos.. i’m still getting the hand of this.

hope y’all had a wonderful monday! with love, alyssa


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