what’s on my christmas list

it is one month until christmas and i cannot wait. this is my favorite time of year. i love the music and food and joy surrounding it.  so today, i thought i would share what’s on my christmas list:


iphone 4s- finally on sprint!!


any/all of these incredible iphone cases available through society6. if you haven’t been you must go! like now!


jansport right back in green machine (or maybe navy)


brookstone natural wake up light – because i am impossible in the mornings… eek.


bbc’s the blue planet complete series – because its freakin’ sweet! watch it, and you’ll see!


panasonic headphones in green

7.  & 

both recipe books found via modcloth! i wants to cook more.


“Get the ALl in one GO” by tiny owl knits – all 37 (38?) patterns for fifty bucks! and they are all amazingly adorable!! i die!


yep, that is all i got. what’s on your lists??

with love and happy wishes, alyssa



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2 responses to “what’s on my christmas list

  1. Jen Gold

    what would I do without your blog? You find the coolest things. I’m getting the iphone for christmas (early January) and am SO getting this case haha: http://society6.com/product/Octopus-L5_iPhone-Case.

    Love you and please keep posting. Can’t wait to see you tomorrow!

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