i am stealing this cute little post idea from Danielle over at Sometimes Sweet

Obsessing over: getting into the holiday spirit. whether it’s hot cocoa and fuzzy blankets or christmas music and the smell of pine trees. i am all about christmas… just as soon as school wraps up, ha!

Working on: planning out blog posts ahead of time, getting all my school work done and studying in before finals, a crafty little christmas (post to come!), and staying calm and stress free.

Thinking about: my twenty before twenty-one list that is pending. and new years resolutions fall into that too i suppose. thomas has challenged me to give up candy for six weeks! now, for those of you that don’t know me very well this may kill me, haha! so that was a bit over dramatic, but it will possibly be the hardest thing i’ve done! if anything, i am addicted to candy. ooooh, and watching remember me ’cause i got it in the mail today, woot!

Anticipating: going home in less than two weeks!! it is the start of so much new, fun, and stress free stuff. its exactly the break i need AND its my birthday AND its christmas AND new years AND THEN a brand new quarter. perfect for starting fresh.

Listening to: millionaire matchmaker in the background… no judgement people!

Drinking: water. there is nothing else in my house, but i am really craving juice.

Wishing: that I could stop time for a sec… i need a breather. also that i had a photographic memory, eight arms, and wild animals to do all my chores for me like in all the disney movies!


phew! what is up with you guys currently??

hope you all have a wonderful evening, and i’ll see ya tomorrow!

with love, alyssa

p.s. head on over to Tea Talk, chelsea has a wonderful giveaway from ugglebo clogs!!! follow the instructions to enter!



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2 responses to “currently.

  1. Jen Melucci

    You crack me up. I love this blog. But seriously…..DON’T give up the candy!!!

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