I AM HOME!!! (like san diego home)

and the little monster (aka. wiggles; aka wrigley) says “hellooo!”

well, it was a nightmare of a trip. okay, so maybe i am being over dramatic, but it did take eleven hours. and for those of you who don’t know, this drive usually takes around 8. but man oh man was la madness. three hours later we were finally through la and in the clear. thank goodness for my lovely mama who took over driving after nearly two hours of stop and go traffic. let me tell ya… driving that many miles barefoot in a stick, especially with stop and go traffic, will hurt the poor little toe bones of your left foot! wowzers!

but enough of my complaining. i am home sweet home. and we are safe and sound. there is a lot to be thankful for…

driving from northern to southern california you will see a lot of things: grass, cows, brake lights, the trail of bells (don’t remember their meaning), and in really unfortunate circumstances car accidents. today we came across two very bad accidents, and it was one of those things that makes your heart ache and really gets you thinking. i immediately sent out a prayer to the universe (or god, or whatever divine/special/magical thing watches over all us pesky little humans) asking for safety in the rest of our travels and the health of those in the accidents. it is sad that it takes events like that to make most of us think about how fortunate we are… in my case, most of my family and friends are all safe, in good health, and overall doing well.

as the holiday season gets to rockin’ and rollin’ i will be doing my best to keep these thankful thoughts in the forefront of my mind. i hope you all do the same!

also, spread love, spread joy. xo.



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