have yourself a crafty little christmas

soooo i am a poor college student. this little fact requires me to get a little creative, especially around the holidays.

and this year i have decided to have myself a crafty little christmas!! basically what this means is all (or at least most) of my gifts for people will be handmade. i will posting the diy or info posts on all the things i make as christmas gets closer and passes (for those people who read this blog don’t get too excited, you won’t get any sneak peeks!)

for now, i will share with y’all my little siblings presents. samantha is 6 and jonathan is going to be 5 very soon, so i wanted to give them something age appropriate but that can be appreciated as they get older because, i mean c’mon, their coolest big sissy handmade them!!

originally i wanted to knit them each a stuffed animal, but time constraints made this impossible. so when i found these tutorials on martha stewart’s website (she has so many great ideas btw!) i got so excited.

so far i’ve only made samantha’s bunny…


it only took me a few hours! and yes, the head it crooked, the eyes don’t match, and its all around a little strange, but i made it and it’s quirky and full of love. i don’t think she’ll mind!

if you are interested in having a crafty little christmas, here are some good places to get ideas:

martha stewart crafts – the ruche holiday craft catalog (online)craftgawker – hgtv online

what are your plans for gift giving? would love to here!



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