bright eyes

hey guys, i changed my hairs!!! got bangs and went dark, dark, dark, eeeep! and i am oh so in love. the bangs are definitely going to be an adjustment. i haven’t had any kind of bangs in over three years!

i wanted a change to welcome in the new year, and i think this will do just the trick

so feeling all fancy and fresh i decided to do a little photoshoot hehe.

its a rock n roll meets country kinda day…

outfit details: leather bomber//thrifted; tee//f21; skirt//f21; belt//target; tights//target; flats//uo; locket//charlotte russe

i have quite a lot to look forward to right now, and also lots to do. and i just realized yesterday my birthday is so soon! and that means christmas is soon. also, my bestie since forever gets back into town from iowa today!! i cannot wait to catch up with her, especially since we never get to talk anymore. slowly but surely everyone at the semester schools is finishing up finals and coming back home for the holidays. the reunion will be so nice. AND on tuesday thomas gets into town for my birthday (best present eva)! what a sweet, thoughtful mister man, huh?

happy happy weekend everyone!



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