evening y’all. ya know, there is only one downside to being a night owl… not being able to sleep when you really should. i am currently battling a migraine, le sigh. unfortunately this is an all to common occurrence. but anyways, i have to be up early (for me) to go in to my step dads office to cover for my mom while the parental units are off frolicking in (wait for it…) vegas baby! ha! i find this quite hilarious. also, i am sleeping in their beautiful new bedroom, yeeeh! so what does this mean for all of you? well, it means i am lacking in the creativity department at the moment. so instead of some thought, creative, or insightful piece of writing, tonight i will leave with a unfortunately long and tacky survey. yay for getting to know alyssa!

1. Where is your cell phone:
on the bed next to me, wishing it was being charged
2. Your hair:
is still feeling happy and healthy from its cut… though its a hot mess at the moment
3. Your mother:
is in las vegas. is wonderful and supportive. is a writer. has a crazy personality. forgets what she is saying mid-sentence. (not sure how to end these)
4. Your father:
is tall and handsome. hates when i touch or comment on his ears. has two little kiddos. is tan year round. is quite the craftsman. always has my back.
5. Your favorite food:
pizza. could eat it for the rest of my life and be fat&happy.
6. Your dream from last night:
i can never remember
7. Your favorite drink:
lemonade, cactus cooler, cream soda

8. Your dream/goal:
have a happy family/raise my kids to be good people
9. What room are you in:
my mom and step-dad’s room
10. What is your hobby:
knitting? blogging? being a spaz?
11. Wish is your fear:
needles! they petrify me
12. Where were you last night:
nowhere. but tonight i was at a friend’s family christmas party!
13. Something you are not:
outgoing (with new people)
14. Muffins:
are better when you smush them first
15. Wish list items:
are always the same… these two beauties:
27 inch imac, oh i wish. one day!
canon eos 60d. isn’t she gorgeous? though i’ll probs have to settle, sad panda!
and my christmas list and lust list of course include more.
16. Where did you grow up:
here in san diego
17. Last thing you did:
drink some water and give my kitty love
18. What are you wearing:
pajamas (yep!): thomas’s blue oyster cult shirt, ucsc sweats
19. Your TV:
is currently showing maid in manhattan, not sure why…
20. Your pets:
currently have me pinned under the covers, snuggled all around me. oh and have personality to spare! but i love them to death.
21. Your friends:
are the best (and craziest) ever! wouldn’t  know what to do without them
22. Your life:
is not too shabby hehe
23. Your mood:
at the moment… sleepy, cranky, not feeling good
24. Missing someone:
mister man, BUT he will be here in less than 48 hours, eeeek!!!
25. Vehicle:
betsy, 1997 volkswagon cabriolet, red. go ahead and be jealous!
26. Something you’re not wearing:
socks.. i really should be, my toesies are soo cold!
27. Your favorite store:
not sure i can pick one… if i could afford it– anthropology!
28. Your favorite color:
29. When’s the last time you laughed:
lots and lots earlier tonight
30. When’s the last time you cried:
honestly can’t tell you… probably watching the hallmark commercial with the soldier- i’m such a sap!
31. Your best friend:
more than one… they are scattered all over the place right now. wish there could be a giant reunion for the holidays!
32. One place you go over and over:
trader joes!
33. One person who emails me regularly:
american eagle… shouldnt have signed up for their membership thing!
34. Favorite place to eat:
marechiaro’s on 2nd street in el cajon!! they have the best, well, everything!! white pizza, salsa rosa, pastrami sandwhich, yum yum YUM!
35. Where do you want to be in 6 years:
happy with a big (er, make that little) ol’ family (including lots of kitties and a puppy or two!)
goodnight sweethearts! don’t let the bed bugs or anything else bite!
xo. A.
*survey gotten from the (always lovely) dainty squid

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