20 before 21

i am a list maker. seriously, you can ask anyone. so i have decided to make another list, twenty things i want to do before i turn twenty-one on december 22, 2012. i will be posting as a complete things and they will all be labelled under 20 before 21. so here is my list…

1. get a kitty

2. get an internship

3. hopefully move somewhere new for said internship

4. grow out hair… like REAL long!

5. perm  hair (very loosely just so it will be curly for once in my life)

6. get a tattoo

7. swim naked in the ocean

8. go horseback riding

9. upgrade my camera

10. get an imac

11. learn to crochet

12. give up candy for 6 weeks

13. graduate!

14. start an etsy shop of crafts

15. go to the ballet

16. create a better budget for myself (and save money)

17. tone it up (see here)

18. do an aquathlon (triathlon minus the bike)

19. visit another country (mexico doesn’t count!)

20. turn this little blog into something



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2 responses to “20 before 21

  1. Aw, what a great list! I hope you get them all accomplished 🙂
    Btw, you’re real pretty!

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