balboa & seaport

hello again! thomas left to go back home last night, so we got to spend the whole day together… hip hip hooray! we decided to go and check out the couple of touristy things he hadn’t done yet: balboa park and seaport village. i am not good about taking pictures while we are out, but i made a point to do so yesterday. i think it was a success…


… what do you think?? hehe. it was the perfect end to the perfect visit! i don’t say it enough, but i am truly thankful for how our relationship is developed and grown and strengthened over the last three months. we hit some very difficult times and almost didn’t make it. but we are now working hard and are better because of all of it!

p.s. sorry for the kissy picture… but its the best pic of my new hat!! gifted from one of my sisters for my birthday. i’m in love!

toodles, A.


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