again, its the end

umm, can anyone tell me where on earth the holiday break went?! i’m totally befuddled. it seems as if i just got to town and now i’m leaving yet again. i’m sad to go. and lately i’ve been feeling like i miss a lot while i am away at school. the little kiddos are growing up so fast and they are always so upset when i leave. not to mention that my kitty throws a fit too! no joke, he ignores me for like half an hour every time i come home! and of course  i miss all of my parents haha.

it’s been an interesting, gradual change over the last two and a half years. i always knew i wanted to go away to school. my family can be a bit much (whose isn’t), and i honestly thought i would be just fine. obviously i would miss my family, but it would be manageable. freshman year went exactly as i thought, i missed everyone but was enjoying my new taste of freedom. but starting around winter quarter of my sophomore year it got harder and harder to leave home each time.

don’t get me wrong, i love my life up at school and i wouldn’t change it for the world. i have wonderful friends and the bestest boy to get my through my insane course load and melt downs. but there is something about family that cannot be matched by anybody else!

i have had such a wonderful winter break. celebrating birthdays and christmas with (most of) my favorite people in the world! so on friday morning i’m hittin’ the road. by myself for the first time i shall be on the 101 north, santa cruz bound… lets hope the 8 hour drive only takes 8 hours! i’ll spend new years with the boy (yay!) and then have a whole week to get settled before classes start. to be honest, i am in no way excited about that part…

on a lighter note… here is a daily dose of mr. pants for y’all!

he likes to play hide and seek! eeeep, isn’t he just the cutest little kitty in the world?!

xo A.

p.s. sorry for the heaviness of this post! enjoy the rest of your week friends.


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