farewell to 2011

my oh my what a year 2011 has been. honestly, i am completely ready to leave it behind. there was a lot of unsuspected pain, sadness, and discomfort… though I suppose it is never really suspected is it? as terrible as the rough patches were I learned a lot. about myself, about my strength, about the beauty and growth of others.
all of that makes this year sound bad, which for the most part is untrue. overall i had a pretty dang good year. there were a lot of fun times and trips and adventures and new beginnings.

and now we are all off to start a new year… i think this is the good one guys. i have a feeling, don’t you?!

on another random note i am having way oo much fun with my new iphone so here is a collage p my nearly 8 hour drive yesterday…



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