inspirational space

hello, hello.

peeps, i spent all of yesterday organizing my bedroom space, and guess what… i am still not done. sad day. but i thought this an appropriate time to share with all of you one of my new favorite spaces: my mom and step dad’s master bedroom. they have spent the last 12 (maybe more) years renovating every inch of our house and property except for their own. at the beginning of last year they finally began work on their new bedroom. after a very very long time of living in the guest room/office, using the garage as a closet, and sharing the tiniest of bathrooms all of their hard work and patience has paid off. considering that they did not hire a contractor and did most of the work themselves i think this whole project is a huge inspiration…

that white blur is wrigley jumping of the bed hehe!

bedding- pottery barn (on sale!)

wrigley just couldn’t resist being in on the shoot- such a ham!

my step dad hand built the mantle if you can believe it

and of course i can’t leave out their monsterous closet with a whole wall for shoes… eeek!

and on to the beauty that is the bathroom…


the shower, with its pebble/stone (?) looking bottom


 the tub and all its details!


and now proof that the details make the space:

my mom’s dresser top

fossils in the stone of their bathroom countertop. coolest. thing. ever.

 fancy soap with their monogram on it!

and last but certainly not least my favorite part- the sliding barn door to the bathroom! pardon the picture, i promise nothing in this lovely room is crooked. my step dad made this door. yes, you read the right. he assembled it from planks of wood, distressed it, stained it, and then put all of the amazing fixtures on it! i love it! i want one! just so incredible.


well, now i’m back to my reality. a completely disorganized room. maybe i’ll finish today… maybe. happy tuesday.



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