down and out

this has been me for the last two days… bundled and drinking copious amounts of tea!

i hate being sick. it is always just the most unpleasant feeling. being stuck in bed makes me feel like i should be up and doing something or working on school work, but of course the pressure in my head and constant coughing makes it impossible to focus. on the flip side, going to classes all groggy and sniffly/coughy/mucus-y (gross i know, sorry) makes it nearly impossible for me and the poor people stuck sitting next to me to focus on lecture.

this bug that i have seems to be going around the university right now though. and a friend of mine told me today that it doesn’t get to bad and only lasts a few days… so my finger’s are crossed!

i know that there has been a lot of crickets here on the blog due to lack of original posting.. and in all honesty everything posted since last wednesday has been pre-scheduled posts. oops!

seriously though, i have been feeling really off lately. like really off. i have several drafts of posts waiting to be finished, but i just haven’t been able to actually get any of them done and posted. i also have a ton of outfit posts all planned out yet haven’t gotten my bum up to actually take the photos. and this goes way past my little blog here. there is a pile of clean clothes on the floor of my bedroom that have been waiting to be folded since, oh i don’t know, sunday? the rest of my room is a disaster.. seriously, think like a tornado hit it! and i have no motivation to do anything school related at all whatsoever.

its horrible! and outrageous and really just kind of unacceptable for me at the moment. but see, there are actual reasons for it (not to make excuses or anything) that i am choosing not to get into here on the internet. i decided today that i am not gonna beat myself up over this little funk that i am in. and i’m not gonna fight against it either. i am just gonna let it run its course… for about another week haha. after that i really just won’t be able to stand it.

hopefully everything will be back to normal, i will be back to normal, within the next week. for now i am thinking about you and this little space and really just appreciate your being patient with me.

lots of love, A.


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