longweek(s): the good and the bad

hello friends, long time no chat! my apologies for that, but this week has been nutty and i have a lot to fill you in on.

this week i made an extremely difficult/important/stressful decision to drop one of my classes. after spending the first two and a half weeks of the quarter completely miserable and frustrated trying to understand the second organic chemistry course i had a break down. the class felt like it was literally crushing me. i was so unhappy and stressed. after spending a lot of time thinking i decided i wanted to drop it. thankfully everyone was more than supportive of my decision.

it was not an easy choice by any means. dropping this course means that i am barely a full time student, and it is my first time ever taking less than 15 units at a time. additionally, it means that i will not be graduating in june. i will still be walking, but i won’t receive a diploma until after completing summer school. this piece was slightly harder for me to swallow and i am not sure why. i will still be graduating (technically) a full school year early minus the two sessions of summer school. maybe i am just crazy, but i was upset at the prospects of taking summer school after walking.

in reality none of that is nearly as important as my sanity and happiness… which i finally have back! yippee! also thomas and i decided that this is my ochem break up song (judge me all you want ha!)

on a MUCH lighter note… I HAVE A NEW AWESOME VOLUNTEER POSITION!!! can you tell i am excited? i just became a volunteer at the marine mammal center monterey bay operations.

“what do they do?” you ask… well, they handle stranded,  ill, and injured pinniped (seals and sea lions) rescue and initial care. its fairly slow currently, but pup season is coming up!! and i think the drive and time commitment will be more than worth it at the first pup rescue… or the first rescue, period haha!

 seals on the beach today!

a lot of other stuff has gone on, and i will be back tomorrow with more of the good that has been going on lately!

happy saturday night lovely people!

xo A.


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