life lately…

lately there has been lots going on here in santa cruz. here are a few snippits to catch y’all up…

i got an awesome new fishy water bottle (though presently missing, i am sooo sad!!!)

we have had flowers in the house all zee time- beautiful and lovely smelling.

it rained A LOT…

and then it was absolutely gorgeous!

thomas is growing a beard/mustache- to say i have mixed feelings about it is a bit of an understatement


we have been going to cheer on our favorite banana slugs (men’s volleyball, obvi!) in their awesome winnings!!!


alex and i made brownies for the team! i did a beastly banana slug in the frosting… mustache included in honor of the whole team’s pact to grow mustache’s for the season.


i started at the marine mammal center and i am soo happy!


i fell down on campus ha!! day 1 (monday) and then yesterday (of my knee, upside down)- you can take my word that the bruise is worse than the pictures show..


friday morning our whole little house got up to watch the sunrise for alex’s 20th birthday!!!(she is next to me in both pics). we got up early, well just before 7, and drove up to pick up thomas and then to this amazing look out on the east side of campus. you can see the whole monterey bay from there, and it was all filled with fog and just breath taking! man was it cold though! it was so great and alex was just the cutest! absolutely worth getting up extra early!

hope things have been going well for you as well.

xo A.


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