sparkle and shine

remember when i said i was gonna post what i wore the second day of school? yeah, over three weeks ago. well i am finally doing it. i am embarrassed and amused all at the same time!

this may sound silly but this outfit is a little bit loud for me. it is mostly neutrals- pale pink, white, shades of brown, and plum- but the color combo and the fabrics are not something i would usually choose. for some reason that morning i said “what the heck” and put it all on, and ya know what? i loved it! i was comfortable and cute and all around happiness.

outfit details: all from forever21… scary!! haha.

lesson learned i guess… step out of my comfort zone and good things can happen. have you ever had an experience like this? i would love to here about it/see it!

i am excited to start this week! i have a feeling it’s going to be great.

much love friends, xo A.


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