goodbyes are always the hardest.

this is it friends. a very sad goodbye to set sail with me honey…

i have been debating about this for a while now and i have decided to take a step back from blogging. at present i don’t have the time or energy to devote to this blog like i wish. posts have felt forced and uninspired which is not at all what i want.

for now i will be taking a step back to gather my thoughts and cultivate my creativity. i will be back- i’m sure of it. probably with a whole new blog that i will link to here. hopefully my absence will only be for a month or so, but i have no guarantees. when i do come back i want to make sure it is well thought out, worth-while, and has a clear direction.

this blog, as little as it is, and with most of its followers being my friends and family, has been an awesome adventure that has helped me grow as a person.

i want to thank everyone who took the time to check in here. i sincerely appreciate it.


with love,  alyssa


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